EPSE Awards Competition 2016

Winning projects of the 8th edition of the EPSE Awards Competition were announced on the 21st of October at the K Fair in Düsseldorf. Since 2007, this competition recognizes the best projects made out of polycarbonate.


Among the invited speakers was Alex Chinneck, British designer and artist, who gave an inspiring speech in which he highlighted how often he uses polycarbonate in his artworks and how many purposes it serves like excellent impact resistance, lightweight properties and its esthetics. The ceremony was closed with the speech by Daher, one of the innovation category winners, who explained in detail benefits of using polycarbonate to produce airfreight containers for transportation of fragile materials.
There were 14 projects submitted to this year’s edition in 3 categories: 4 in Sustainability, 3 in innovation, 7 in design category. Among the 2016 nominees a wide range of applications in which polycarbonate may be used can be found. There are public buildings, hotels & conference centres and artworks. Two new types of projects were submitted in the innovation category: an airfreight container and a breathing skins showroom. Exceptionally in this year’s edition 4 winners and 2 runners up were selected as there were two winners in the innovation category.



IL CENTRO - Arese shopping | architect: Michele de Luchi
Inspiration for this project was taken from geometric features of the traditional architecture of Northern Italy called: “Corti Lombarde” (ancient courts of Lombardy) which involve peroglas, arcades and squares. The building is composed of an imposing translucent polycarbonate roofing that makes the immense hall look much lighter.
Polycarbonate sheets have facilitated the diffusion of the light reducing at the same time the radiation which is normally caused by a transparent surface. Furthermore the particular IR-surface treatment on the panels’ external wall allowed to block the passage of infrared rays that would cause a temperature rise inside of the building.


DAHER Airfreight Container | manufacturer: Daher
Using polycarbonate in a new context, this bespoke project achieved its key objectives through innovation. Firstly, a ‘lightweight solution with maximum strength and rigidity’ was achieved through using materials of the highest quality and specification. Secondly, a ‘solution offering easy maintenance and repair’ was achieved by designing a system to take account of potential handling damage. The structure enabled standardized components to be replaced in the event of a repair being necessary. Thirdly, a solution which showcased ‘visibility and security’ was developed through the integration of an access door with PC panel in each unit. A double locking system was also devised to prevent the possibility of the door opening in transit.
Such a dynamic and flexible solution for freight containers can be easily adjusted for other applications around the world.

BREATHING SKINS SHOWROOM | engineer: Dipl. Ing. Tobias Becker
Breathing Skins technology is based on the idea of a skin that breathes through adjustable air channels. The project searches for simple technical solutions for a healthier room climate and a new spatial experience. The building’s envelope turns into an adaptive media of exchange, able to climatically dissolve the border between inside and outside.
The showroom demonstrates that polycarbonate in architecture can be more than just a transparent glazing. Its great mechanical property and workability in bending and milling offer a number of adjustable functions.


The Four Seasons Hotel
The hotel was built in 2005 in traditional Romanian style, however as it had outgrown itself it was lacking a central entertainment space for guests. The architects were tasked to design a modern extension to integrate the new requirements into the existing building.
The use of polycarbonate enabled the architects to create a strong and safe structure, it gave the building the insulation the climate requires, its clarity created a spectacular view, whilst providing a light and bright internal space. But most of all, the use of polycarbonate had fulfilled their vision of creating a stunning modern building that sits perfectly amid the more traditional buildings of the Romanian village.

EPSE would like to thank the Jury Panel: Frédéric Midy, Alex Chinneck, Ulrike Mau and Paul van den Berg as well as the teams of all the submitted projects.
A special thank you to Trinseo who organised the Ceremony.

The next edition of the Awards will be organized in 3 years’ time also at the K Fair.

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