EPSE Awards Ceremony 2015

EPSE Awards Ceremony 2015

3rd November at the Batimat Fair, Paris Nord - Villepinte

This year EPSE organizes the 7th Awards Competition to recognize the most innovative, most sustainable and the best design projects which were made out of polycarbonate. The Awards Ceremony, where the winning projects will be annouced, will take place on the 3rd of November at the Batimat Fair in Paris Nord, Villepinte.

EPSE Awards is an internal, biennual competition and the Awards 2015 is the 7th edition. The aim of this event is to promote unique properties of polycarbonate and a wide array of applications in which it may be used.
Polycarbonate is a material which can be easily worked and modelled, and therefore, it can be used virtually for any kind of application. It is widely used in the construction sector, mainly for big-size installations like stadiums, arenas or Olympic venues. PC sheets are commonly used in engineering as and among others in the automotive, electronics and medical industries. More recently polycarbonate caught the attention of interior architects & furniture designers, artists and number of other niche markets.
The projects submitted to the 2013 edition of the Awards are a perfect example of the intrinsic properties of PC sheets. They cearly demonstrate high impact- & fire-resistance, durability, flexibility, lightweight and transparency of polycarbonate. 

Jury panel will judge the projects in two rounds. In the first one the judges will grade the projects individually and in the second round they will decide, on the basis of the results of the 1st round, which 3 projects will go on to the 3rd round. In the last stage the public will vote on their favourite project in each category. The projects selected by the Jury will be published on the EPSE website where the public will be able to vote on their favourite entry. The voting will be open to the public as from September until mid October.

The awards will be given in three categories: innovation, sustainability and design.


Dipl.-Ing Thomas Hegger -  Manager  Fachverband Tageslicht und Rauchschutz e.V
Frédéric Midy - CEO - EMEA, Aliaxis; Chairman - EuPC Building & Construction Division (Jury President)
Stéphane Miget - Editor in Chief - 5 Facades
Prof. Ewa Kuryłowicz - General Designer, Vice-Chairman - Kuryłowicz & Associates architecture studio
Eric Winnepenninckx -  Head of Department Standardization, Specifications & Quality of Products and Systems - Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI)

3rd October 2015
4:00pm - 6:00pm

Batimat - Paris Nord,Villepinte
Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte

Room 502 /Meeting Centre 5 - ground floor/


More information and registration will follow soon!

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