EPSE Quality Label launched by European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders association

EPSE Quality Label launched by European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders association

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EPSE – the European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders association comprised of the top-level PC sheet producers in Europe – launches EPSE Quality Label.

The Quality Label – an indication of excellence – can be applied by EPSE member companies on their polycarbonate multiwall sheets and technical data sheets, under the condition that the product strictly fulfils the EPSE Sheet Standard. It is therefore the manufacturer’s guarantee that the sheets comply with all requirements of the official European standard for polycarbonate multiwall sheets EN 16153. All European PC sheet producers are highly welcome to join EPSE and thereby to be eligible to apply the EPSE Quality Label.

Commitment to high material quality

"We are delighted to launch the EPSE Quality Label, which is based on thorough research and high technical standards. The objective of the label is to protect the quality and image of PC sheets," outlines EPSE President David Pampanel. "As a quality label for EPSE members, it is always displayed in combination with the logo of the member company. In this way, we want to ensure a high quality of our products for customers."

EPSE Sheet Standard

If a polycarbonate sheet contains the EPSE Quality label, it complies with the EPSE Sheet Standard, including the following technical criteria:

  1. The sheet bears the CE-mark according EN 16153:2013+A1:2015.
  2. Covered warranty of 10+ years (weather-ability) and 5+ years (impact strength)
  3. Yellowness index according to EN 16153, Clause 4.6.2. - ΔYI ≤ 8 units for uncoloured sheets.
  4. Mass per unit area of the sheet according EN 16153 clause 4.2 outlined in the attached brochure.
  5. The sheet is produced under an ISO9000 based quality system.

For more detailed information on the EPSE Quality Label, please find attached our brochure or check our website.

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Communications Officer via info@epse.org.

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