European Polycarbonate Extruders: Economic shock due to the geopolitical bursts

-- PRESS RELEASE -- The current geopolitical situation is highly affecting the members of the European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders (EPSE).

The European Polycarbonate Industry has been familiar with the raw material shortages and the very high fluctuations in the past years and months, however this geopolitical conflict is impacting the European polycarbonate business on an unprecedented economic level. Prices are not only drastically increasing on the raw material side but the EPSE members are also confronted with additional consequences such as radically increased packaging and energy costs.

Next to the above-mentioned issues the industry has been facing transportation problems due to drastic price increases and reduced capacities as the shortage of truck drivers is aggravated.


All of these increases and difficulties are accumulating to a level which begins to be difficult to absorb for the members of the European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders.





The new geopolitical and energy market reality requires us to drastically accelerate the clean energy transition and increase Europe's energy independence from unreliable suppliers and volatile fossil fuels. Following the invasion of Ukraine, the case for a rapid clean energy transition has never been stronger and clearer. The EU imports 90% of its gas consumption, with Russia providing around 45% of those imports, in varying levels across Member States. Russia also accounts for around 25% of oil imports and 45% of coal imports.

Source: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/ip_22_1511





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About EPSE - European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders

EPSE is the European trade association representing polycarbonate sheet suppliers and producers in Europe. Made up of leading producers of polycarbonate multiwall, corrugated, and solid sheets and supported by resin producers, EPSE promotes the use of polycarbonate sheets in the European market and develops industry standards.

EPSE represents 10 companies, manufacturing over 120 000 tonnes of polycarbonate sheets every year, as well as 3 resin producers. EPSE comprises more than 1 000 employees and generates a turnover of over 500 million € per year.



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